Introducing a Non-Dichotomous Method for Scoring Selected-Response Tests
دوره 3، شماره 6 ، فروردین 1388، صفحه 1-15

  The main purpose of this study was to introduce a new non-dichotomous scoring procedure for the multiple-choice test method, called Parledge. The research also aimed to determine Parledge characteristics through a psychometric study comparing it with the “Number Correct” and “Correction for Guessing” scoring methods. There were 35 students participating in the study who were given a vocabulary and a structure tests. The results revealed favorable characteristics for parledge although it involves penalty threat. Further, positive psychometric, educational and cognitive implications ...  بیشتر

People Development Management and Knowledge Management
دوره 3، شماره 6 ، فروردین 1388، صفحه 17-42

  Background: This paper aims at examining the effect ofpeople development management (PDM) on knowledge management cycle. Although PDM and KM have been studied several times separately; however, this research for the first time is testing the effects of PDM on KM. Objective: The paper investigates how people development management (PDM) may affect the performance of knowledge management (KM) in an organization. Method: Eight variables were identified on the basis of a well-known PDM model. These independent variables were tested against four dependent variables of KM, using the multiple regressionmethod. ...  بیشتر

The Study of Effective Factors with Emphasis on Training for Employees' Empowerment in Center for Medical Documents in Social Security Organization
دوره 3، شماره 6 ، فروردین 1388، صفحه 43-56

  In an organization, human resources are known as a valuable and lasting capital. In order to get the most out of these resources, employees' empowerment appeared in the management literature. Empowerment refers to the delegation of authority in order to lay appropriate ground for self-motivation and self-efficacy among employees.The main aim of this study was to explore the effective factors, especially training for employees'  empowerment. The statistical population of this study comprised 350 personnel of Center for Medical Documents (CMD), affiliated to the Social Security Organization.The ...  بیشتر

E-Education in Iran
دوره 3، شماره 6 ، فروردین 1388، صفحه 57-68

  One of the areas in which information and communication technology (ICT) has had great and worldwide achievements is education. Different countries have set up, explicitly or implicitly, the plans, priorities, and agendas of their own. One of the concerns of the Iranian government in the last decade has been the application of ICT as a component to realization of the national development and as an instrument to promotion of the quality and the quantity of social services and, as a result, the promotion of social life. Such a national ICT agenda is called TAKFA. In this agenda, among the priorities ...  بیشتر

A Qualitative Investigation Into Conceptual Understanding at Iranian Elementary Schools
دوره 3، شماره 6 ، فروردین 1388، صفحه 69-92

  This study attempts to root out some of the causes of absence of conceptual understanding in elementary level particularly in math subject and the factors that cause this deficiency. As a body of researchers, we use a quasi-form of methodology qualitatively designed by which we give a pre-test and post-test to our participants (randomly selected teachers and students), through some open-ended questions. Through open-ended questions, pupils will be led through processes like understanding the problem, how to fit new information into already existing networks of knowledge and - when thinking critically ...  بیشتر

Art and Design Education in the UK
دوره 3، شماره 6 ، فروردین 1388، صفحه 93-106

  This paper seeks to identify the philosophical origins of the teaching of art and design and subsequently trace its incorporation into a teaching program in the UK. It briefly discusses the nature of its classical ‘drawing’ background and the conflicts in the debate as to what ‘design’ means. It then goes on to identify the cultural and political context which shaped the institutions, such as Art Schools, Regional Art and Design Schools, Municipal Institutes, and finally faculties within the University system. There are some indications of curriculum for the early stages ...  بیشتر

Effective Distance Teaching and learning in Higher Education
دوره 3، شماره 6 ، فروردین 1388، صفحه 107-130

  Nowadays, Universities have come across a main transformation. Lack of budget, an increase in the number of university students, a change in the student population, up-to-date and various educational needs of each society require fundamental changes that are coordinated with recent needs. This study aimed to evaluate the features of effective distance education in higher education. Findings of this research showed that an understanding of the technological capabilities and learning theories, especially constructive theory and independent learning theory and communicative and interaction theory ...  بیشتر