Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Management, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


The aim of the present study was to develop a sustainable green university model for higher education which was done with a qualitative approach and case study method. The statistical population consisted of specialists (experts) and professors of public universities in the field of green university in the year 2022 that 10 people were selected according to the principle of theoretical saturation and by purposive sampling. The study instrument included a semi-structured interview and review of existing documents in this field. The obtained data were validated using participant feedback method and data validity was measured and evaluated through quality criteria (reliable). The data were analyzed by thematic analysis method. The result of data analysis led to identification of 174 basic themes and 40 organizing themes in the field of sustainable green university that were organized in the form of 7 global themes as described 1.sustainable green resources management; 2. Sustainable green management of university; 3. Sustainable green educational affairs; 4. Sustainable green research affairs; 5. Environmental management system of university space; 6. Sustainable green human resources management; 7. Sustainable green acculturalization. Finally, a model called sustainable green university was presented for higher education using the research findings. It is hoped that the developed model will help the development of higher education in order to green the universities and the sustainability of the country’s scientific authority.


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