Electronic Non Formal Education: A Case Study of Tehran Municipality

Nazila Khatib Zanjani؛ Bahman Zandi؛ Mehran Farajollahi؛ Essa Ebrahim Zadeh؛ Mohammad Reza Sarmadi

دوره 5، شماره 14 ، آذر 1390، ، صفحه 3-24

  Considering the emergence of brand-new educational needs, non-formal education as a prerequisite of a knowledge-based society is increasingly going popular among nations in view of its continual nature. However, life-long learning as a key concept of the modern education system stands clearly at odds with traditional learning in every way of philosophy, objectives, strategies and policy-making. This research aims to compare the efficiency of electronic non formal education with that of other types of education for Tehran Municipality employees in 2009.This quasi-experimental ...  بیشتر